There are many UV-C disinfection products, what makes UVengers UV1 special?

UV1 is the only consumer-oriented UV disinfection device that combines proven ability to inactivate the COVID-19 virus, industry-leading LEDs that emit the highest available UV output power (up to 60mW per LED) at the most germicidal wavelength (265nm) for rapid disinfection, and a large Panasonic 3300mAh battery, all packed into a portable device weighing no more than 150g.

  Where can I use UV1, and are there any limitations?

UV1 can be used in various indoor, outdoor, private, and public settings such as the office, restaurant, hotel, home, grocery stores, and anywhere else that has small area surfaces and items that need to be disinfected. UV1’s use is limited to inanimate objects only and SHOULD NOT be used on people and animals. Avoid exposing eyes and skin to UV light.

  How to use UV1?

Hold UV1 close to the surface or object (<3cm), and irradiate each area for 3 seconds to kill COVID-19 before moving on to the next area.

For irradiation time required to kill other pathogens, please refer to UV1 Disinfection Reference Table.

  Why is there a rattling sound when UV1 is shaken?

UV1 uses a tilt sensor to determine when the device is rotated or tilted over 90 degree angle for its auto UV light shut off safety design. The tilt sensor will make a rattling sound when the device is shaken. This is the characteristic of the tilt sensor and not a defect.

  Why does the protective quartz glass feel warm after continuous use?

UV1 uses high power UV-C LEDs to deliver rapid disinfection results. LEDs generate heat when in use, and the warmest area will be the quartz glass that is directly covering the LEDs. Avoid touching the quartz glass after use. When the quartz glass temperature gets too high, UV1 will automatically enter Cooling mode to ensure safety.

  Do I need to replace UV1’s battery?

UV1 has a built-in Panasonic 3300mAh rechargeable battery, so battery replacements are not required. You can recharge the battery via USB-C port on the bottom of the device.

*When external power source is less than 4.65V or more than 5.5V, the device will not charge. Please refer to Product Specifications for power input requirements. Do not charge UV1 by connecting it to laptop or desktop computers.

  Can I use UV1 to disinfect my body?

DO NOT use UV1 to irradiate/disinfect any part of the human body. Exposing skin and eyes of human and other animals to UV light can cause injury. When used according to the user manual, UV light from UV1 will not cause injury to the user.

  How to care for UV1?

UV1 has a high purity, high UV light penetration rate quartz glass to protect the LEDs from accidental damage. It is recommended to carefully clean the quartz glass with a dry soft cloth periodically to ensure there is no debris that might block the emitted UV light.