ATrack UVengers signs an agreement with Japanese manufacturer, Asahi Kasei

Release Date:2021-03-11

The coronavirus pandemic has driven global demand for disease control products.ATrack's subsidiary, UVengers, signs an agreement with Japanese manufacturer, Asahi Kasei, to proactively develop deep ultraviolet products.

ATrack Technology Inc. said that UVengers UV1, a portable disinfection wand, was launched in Q4 last year with the Japanese market being its biggest customer base. There has also been significant interests in product distribution in the European countries, where the forecast is predicted to exceed that of other regions.

From February 26 to March 1, ATrack Technology Inc. exhibited at Taiwan Baby & Mommy Expo. It was an opportunity to educate the public about the irradiation strength of deep ultraviolet (UV-C) technology. ATrack also showcased a series of UV-C irradiation products as well as setting up a booth to allow the public to disinfect their personal items and accessories free of charge.

(UVengers team demostrates the use of the UV1 disinfection wand.)