Who We Are


UVengers is a new brand established by ATrack Technology Inc. (TPEX 6465) in 2020 that aims to provide people with protection against surrounding pathogens through a series of highly effective and reliable disease prevention products. 


As a multi-national company with offices in Taipei, Tokyo, California, and customers in 100+ countries, ATrack team members frequently travel for business meetings and their immune systems are often exposed to unfamiliar environments.


Every journey has its uncertainties, and the threat of infections that cannot be fought off by immune systems are always present. Being exposed to pathogens on items and surfaces increases the risks of illnesses, and can lead to deterioration of both physical and mental conditions. While we cannot always control our surroundings and the cleanliness of things we come into contact with, we can try to reduce the amount of pathogens around us.


This encouraged us to develop a product that can disinfect on-the-go, minimize the amount of pathogens on items and surfaces rapidly, and is easy to use for the average person. To help people stay safe from diseases, whether at home or on the road, ATrack established the brand UVengers that focuses on disease prevention products using ultraviolet light as the core technology. As Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc around the world, ATrack also hopes to contribute to prevention efforts with UVengers products.